1929 Essex Super-Six

This car is a real survivor. It was purchased new in 1929 for use as a company car for a small auto repair shop. It has been handed down, in the same family since it was new. The current owner learned to drive in this same car. Unfortunately, it was later barned and has sat dormant for the last 18 years.

From what we were told, the last real mechanical service was done in the 70's. The customer, who lives in Houston, had the car picked up in Kentucky and transported to our shop for the sole purpose of getting it drivable again.

Everything except the 1970's electric fuel pump is original, down to the depression era ration sticker on the window.

We put new tubes and tires on the wooden split rims, updated the electric fuel system, full maintenance and service of course, and after a few weeks of massaging everything back to life, it was ready for the road again, stickered, tagged and street legal.

The owner didn't need or want a restoration, but did need a serious service specific to the application by someone who would take the time to care for a vehicle of this type. She realized we were the best place to get that type of care and attention, and we are certainly happy to have been a part of helping to put her family heirloom back on the road.
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